Synergetic Fitness liked their logo so much they agreed to a second and third contract related to their online presence. They wanted a WordPress website emphasizing health, community, togetherness, energy, coed fitness, building community and team-based relationships.

The final website was contracted to contain a “Home” page, Services page, Testimony page (Facebook integrated), Before and After Gallery, About page, Trainer profile/biography page, Contact form and the ability to integrate online payment and online booking at a later date, discussed in an optional additional contract. Primary focus of the website at the
first stage, discussed in this contract, was demonstrating a professional appearance and list services.

The second stage, contracted in an optional follow along contract shifted the website’s focus and function to booking and paying online.  The process started so smoothly, by the draft stage the client agreed to the online payment options using Woocommerce and Square. The online booking uses a schedule of classes booked on a recurring basis with online payment.  Previously the client was hand scheduling clients based on availability they provided her.  A very bespoke approach, but time consuming.

BioSci Creative encouraged the drafting of a business plan to guide design choices and provided creative direction for professional photography.  The results combine into a very effective website that was contracted, drafted, designed, implemented and online payment added within two months. With a responsive client like Synergetic Fitness, fast turnarounds, even for custom solutions, is quick and easy.

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