Developed for a children’s book writer in Colorado this piece stared off in one direction and then went in a different one.  The client asked for and contracted for a single design involving a sword, lettering and a dragon to represent her brand.  The author writes stories aimed at building confidence and helping kids work through their problems.

Using a sister company’s aspiring young artists we received feedback that none of the students wanted to see the dragon die.  After sitting and talking to the students and listening to their feedback as the goal demographic, we created a second design that would capture the idea without making the children feel sad. We did not charge for this rethinking as only a single design was contracted.

The revised design with the watercolor texture was chosen by the client. By seeking end user feedback we created a design that better captured the idea the client wanted. With some minor revisions to the type, the rethought design is now being used. Can you spot the differences?

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