A small grassroots campaign asked BioSci Creative to design a sign that reflected an outsider’s approach to running for office. She has a record of working across political lines to get things done in the state of New Hampshire.  She wanted a sign that would unify the political parties under things both sides share, such as the state tree and bird.  The bird is also a small nod to Bernie Sander’s bird that visited during a political speech.  This sign combined those things, along with a rounded retro type face (Cooper Black) to give the sign an approachable feel, rather than authoritarian. The serifs still lend a feeling of stability, without being overly entrenched in the political scene. The red-brown and blue colors stand out in the sea of political signs while still holding to the patriotism of red white and blue that Elizabeth Ropp represents.

Elizabeth also asked for some stickers to hand out to voters, as stickers increase turnout for the next election. Though out of her price range for this season, she does hope to use them in the future.