Slay Your Own Dragons

Developed for a children’s book writer in Colorado this piece stared off in one direction and then went in a different one.  The client asked for and contracted for a single design involving a sword, lettering and a dragon to represent her brand.  The author writes stories aimed at building confidence and helping kids work through their problems.

Using a sister company’s aspiring young artists we received feedback that none of the students wanted to see the dragon die.  After sitting and talking to the students and listening to their feedback as the goal demographic, we created a second design that would capture the idea without making the children feel sad. We did not charge for this rethinking as only a single design was contracted.

The revised design with the watercolor texture was chosen by the client. By seeking end user feedback we created a design that better captured the idea the client wanted. With some minor revisions to the type, the rethought design is now being used. Can you spot the differences?

Ropp Political Sign

A small grassroots campaign asked BioSci Creative to design a sign that reflected an outsider’s approach to running for office. She has a record of working across political lines to get things done in the state of New Hampshire.  She wanted a sign that would unify the political parties under things both sides share, such as the state tree and bird.  The bird is also a small nod to Bernie Sander’s bird that visited during a political speech.  This sign combined those things, along with a rounded retro type face (Cooper Black) to give the sign an approachable feel, rather than authoritarian. The serifs still lend a feeling of stability, without being overly entrenched in the political scene. The red-brown and blue colors stand out in the sea of political signs while still holding to the patriotism of red white and blue that Elizabeth Ropp represents.

Elizabeth also asked for some stickers to hand out to voters, as stickers increase turnout for the next election. Though out of her price range for this season, she does hope to use them in the future.

Synergetic Fitness Logo Design

A gym in Northern Virginia contracted BioSci Creative to design a logo to represent their quickly growing business. Different from many gyms, they wanted the logo to be focused on digital color use. and have the potential for branded items like t-shirts and water bottles.  The gym owner is a strong social media user, so the logo was designed with heavy social media use in mind. This design met the client’s ideas about health, community, energy, co-ed fitness, team building, community and fitness. Though the gym is owned by a woman, and most patrons are women, the design was to be gender neutral.


Midwest Laser Center Logo

A new Aesthetic practice for laser skin resurfacing and tattoo removal needed a logo with a Williamsburg, VA, color and feel, and a lotus bloom.  The client wanted the logo to feel fresh, but have a mildly distressed look.

Logo for Lipo at Lunchtime

Lipo at Lunch Logo

Client wished to emphasize the speed at which the practice could perform laser liposuction with their new logo and by renaming the practice “Lipo at Lunch.”

Pigment Logo and Branding

Pigment Dermagraphics Laser Tattoo Removal Logo

The client had an outstanding shield design for their tattoo parlor.  With the addition of laser tattoo lightening and removal, they desired a similar logo for their new services. The logo was simplified and new text was added to the scroll.  Client was thrilled.

Encore Surgery Logo Design

Encore Surgery and Aesthetics Logo

The client needed a logo design for a California surgical and aesthetic medical practice. The client very specifically wanted a female torso in place of the “E”.

Logo for Chestnut Family Dental

Chestnut Family Dental Logo

The client wanted a logo for a historical dental practice in Manchester, NH. After several accepted and then rejected designs, a hands-on collaborative design experience was created, granting the stakeholders a great deal of ownership in the design.

Litchfield Laser Skin Clinic Logo, using an orchid

Litchfield Laser Skin Clinic Logo

The client desired a light, but not overly feminine logo with an orchid for a laser skin medical practice based in Litchfield, CT. The light feel was obtained using pastels, while the femininity of pastels was moderated with the cool grey.

Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Logo

Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Logo

The client wanted a new logo for his long established cosmetic surgery practice.  The desire was for a “simple” design that conveyed cutting edge technology and trendy aesthetics, while maintaining the brand’s forest green color. By combining the “A” and “V” with a forward slash, mimicking the cut of the scalpel while simultaneously implying forward motion, I created a simple, but commanding design.