Center Camera view of 3D Studio Max modeled and rendered trade show booth.

Trade Show Exhibition 3D Rendering

A quick project for a client in New Jersey, this 3D Studio Max rendering was a combination of imported manufacturer’s and created models.  The graphics were provided by the client and the rendering completed using Raytrace. Textures created in 3D Studio Max.

Spline 3D Models of Squash

Acorn Squash 3D Sketch

Using splines, I created a pair of acorn squash and tested them using only materials available in 3D Studio Max. This was only a few hours of work.

Speculum and IUD

This was a simple study of a speculum and two IUDs in 3D Studio Max.

Two Triceratops Dinosaurs

Triceratops 3D Illustration

An editorial-style illustration of a pair of triceratop dinosaurs.  This illustration was primarily created in 3D Studio Max, then edited in photoshop.

Golgi Body 3D Histology Medical Illustration

Golgi Body and Cell Interior 3D Rendering

An editorial-type illustration showing the interior of the cell, focused on the golgi body.  In the background one can see the nucleus and endoplasmic reticulum.

SwineFlu Medical Illustration

H1N1 Virus Illustration

At the time of the Swine Flu or H1N1 outbreak, a client asked for an editorial illustration of the virus. Using 3D Studio Max for the original models, pencil and paper, and photoshop, this illustration was created.