Hi, I am Amber Nicole Cannan

My goal is to
design, illustrate and create

Fun might be part of it, too.
Smiling Amber Nicole Cannan with large light blue and pink large cat-eye glasses and hair in a french twist. The lipstick and earrings match perfectly and the dress, handmade by Amber Nicole, matches the earrings, glasses and lipstick perfectly.

I like to take complex concepts and problems, spend way too much time researching and understanding them from as many angles as possible and come up with a solution, most likely involving some visual component.

BioSci Creative started out as a simple freelance venture but has grown into so much more.  I studied Biomedical Art at the Cleveland Institute of Art and Case Western Reserve University.  My first clients came from that community.  After school, I worked for several clinical research companies and built a network of contacts in the Boston area.  While I worked for those medical research and manufacturing companies in New Hampshire, I also worked nights as a freelance artist.  During that time, my fine art was on the back burner.

For an additional fun challenge, I am an Adjunct Professor at a variety of local colleges in New Hampshire. Depending on the semester you might find me teaching typography at New England College (formerly New Hampshire Institute of Art,) graphic design at Manchester Community College or New England College, illustration at Southern New Hampshire University or just being a guest speaker for other majors. These gigs don’t pay much, but they are fun, and bring new talent and leadership to my other “thing”: Unchartered.org.

No illustration, design or marketing project is too big or small, but these days I am very choosy regarding clients. Unchartered.org takes up much of my time while biomedical, scientific, technical illustration and fine art take the nooks and cranny’s of my brain. But I never stop thinking about them, so you can see all that work here.

As if all that wasn’t enough- because it never seems like it is, I also became involved in the New Hampshire Creative Club, serving as the Annual Show Chair two years in a row and then the club president. I currently serves as secretary of the Manchester City Library Foundation Board, and as an advisor to Queerlective. As part of my tireless support for the disability community, I’m am also a Manchester City DPW Highway Commissioner, advocating for sidewalk repair, installation and bike lanes.


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